Best Candle Gifts for Spring

Spring is here, and what better way to bring a little bit of sunshine (literally!) into your life than giving the special people in it something meaningful?

Candles can be great gifts for any occasion, but as temperatures rise and days get longer, spring is an especially perfect time to give someone a beautiful candle that will add warmth and brightness.

So if you're looking for a thoughtful gift to show how much you care this season—or want some ideas for yourself—we've got the lowdown on the best candles you can find!

From classic candles to unforgettable candle sets, we'll cover all our favorite gift ideas so you can pick out just the right one.

Candle lovers, read on to make sure your loved ones—and your home or office space—are well-lit this spring.


aesop aganice aromatique candle

Aganice Aromatique Candle

This candle from Aesop is the cream of the crop—its Mimosa note is perfect. With a long burn time, you'll be basking in this delicious scent all spring.

  standby london lover candle

London Lover Scented Candle

Our London-inspired candle's bright mix of bergamot, musk, and dewy leaves evokes that fresh, green, oh-so-Spring smell.

It's the perfect gift for your friend that has an upcoming trip to London in a few months—what better way to get excited than to light up some of your favorite candles while packing?


diptyque baies candle

Baies Candle

Diptyque's Baies Candle is a cult classic for a reason. It makes a bougie, spring-inspired candle gift with a mix of blackcurrant berries, green leaves, and rose. This is one of the most intoxicating scents you can ask for.


le labo petit grain 21 candle

Petit Grain 21 Candle

Le Labo's Petit Grain 21 Candle is the cool kid on the block—all while bringing the sweet scent of Orange Blossom to your living room (brb, just got back from a trip to Sevilla in the spring and still crying over how beautiful all the orange trees in the city smell).


oribe cote dazur candle

Cote D'Azur Scented Candle

I want to throw up at how beautiful this candle from Oribe is—what other candle has this chic of a design? Its stunning glass is filled with a blend of soy and coconut wax that will evoke memories of a warm sunny spring under the lemon trees.


anecdote succulent garden candle

Succulent Garden Scented Candle

Want something floral but not too floral? Anecdote's Succulent Garden candle smells amazing and looks cute while doing it.


byredo burning rose candle

Burning Rose Candle

Take your average rose scent and put a cool leather jacket on it—the result will be Byredo's Burning Rose Candle. It'll look chic on the coffee table and is a great gift for the edgy minimalist in your life.


jo malone fruity floral candle set

Jo Malone Fruity Floral Candle Set

Enough about the solo candles—what about candle gift sets? This Jo Malone London x Richard Quinn Fruity Floral candle set checks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect Spring candle gift—garden-inspired, luxe, and it even comes in a gorgeous floral-printed gift box.


boy smells best buds candle set

Best Buds Votive Set

Bring a pop of cheery color to your Spring with Boy Smells botanical-inspired Best Buds Votive Set.

With a handful of fun and different scents like Cowboy Kush, the mini candles in this set are sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever lights it.


maison margiela cozy at home candle gift set

Cozy at Home Candle Gift Set

Have a family member that needs some serious cheering up after the long winter days? The three candles in Replica's candle gift set will act like a warm and cozy hug for them.


apotheke eden votive set

Eden Votive Candles

Apotheke's Eden Votive Candles is one of the best candle gift sets you can find for spring—just LOOK at that gorgeous packaging. Your favorite candle lover is going to be head over heels for these travel sized candles that can fragrance your space wherever you are.


nest mini wellness candle duo

Mini Wellness Candle Duo

Nest New York has some of the most celebrated scents in the candle world—including the Wild Mint + Eucalyptus / Driftwood + Chamomile combo you get in this candle duo.

It's one of the best fragrance gifts you can get for your self care-loving friend. Be quick to add it to your shopping list!


In conclusion, if you're looking to find the perfect scented candle gift this spring, there's something out there for every taste.

Whether it's a single candle or a full-on candle set, these scented treasures will help create lasting memories with your loved ones and add beauty to any room in your home.

No matter the scent, candles are one of the best gifts for any occasion. They evoke sweet memories and create a one of a kind cozy atmosphere.

Happy candle shopping!