Your next vacation is right here, and it smells amazing.

Light up your life with candles inspired by your favorite destinations.

Meet the Founder
Hey...let's get cozy

Hi! I'm Julia, lover of all things beautiful and cozy.

I've spent the past handful of years living and working in 10 countries — but I always find my way back home to my favorite spot on the couch.

You could say I'm the most homebody adventurer you'll ever meet. :)

There you have it: globetrotting + getting comfy = the inspiration behind Standby's candles.

Our favorite words
Want to go on an adventure?

Each of our candles is crafted to transport you to your favorite destination (or give off that good manifesting ju-ju for places you'd like to see).

And unlike actual travel, these candles come without jet lag or souvenir T-shirts you'll never wear.

So light one up, relax, and let your memories take you away.